Saturday, 28 May 2011

Geeta Updesh

You people might conceive that I am becoming religious and as this blog of mine is dedicated to Bhagat Singh who was an atheist,  the post is in contradiction with the title. No, this isn't true. I'll explain it later but what I feel about Geeta is that it shows us the way to live life, I must say a true way and in some sense Bhagat Singh also followed that.
This is what I feel.
Later I will explain it in detail.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Incredible India

I will write later.

Bhagat Singh: An Ideology Not Just A Name

Now people have forgotten the Heroes: The Real Heroes, who gave their lives for us.
Those people have done it without any hesitation, without any selfishness.
Do I need to remind you their sacrifices!
Is it that India which they had dreamed of!
Today our children know about the film stars but they don't know who Bhagat Singh was, I'm not joking.
In our schools we are taught about cricket players and film stars and ...... I am not saying that it's worthless to know about them .
But what about Bhagat Singh and others.
If we won't know their ideology and their sacrifices, tell me how can we know the worth of the words " Free India".
We say that we are living in Free India.
No! we are not.
Rather we are living in an India which has two phases.

Swami Vivekanand

Right now I can only repeat one of his quote:
 Stop Not
Later on I'll add some interesting facts.

Why Civil Services?

In this section I'll post answer to the question - "Why Civil Services?"
Along with that some links related to the preparation and some other needful stuffs.
As I'm a little busy, lemme for the time being give you a link in this respect:
This is Anay Dwivedi AIR 5 CSE 2009.
I donno him personally but after going through his webpage I can say that he is very helpful.
Go through this link, you'll get enough info.

Why Basic Sciences?

Here I will put some motivating stuff. Also I'll provide links of people who have given there lives to basic sciences along with the links to videos and a reading list.